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There are different species of wood suitable for solid wood flooring, including beech, birch, white oak, red oak, pine, cherry, and others.

Red oak is among the most popular flooring materials to look into. It is a dense and stiff wood with a reddish colour and resists wear. White oak may have a grayish cast and is brown in color. It is more durable and harder solid wood flooringthan red oak. Beech has a consistent grain and is reddish brown in colour. This type of wood has a very good shock resistance and is quite durable. Birch is another flooring option, and it is a strong wood (though softer than red oak). It varies from dark brown red to light yellow.

Pine, Douglas fir, and cherry are other flooring options for those who are looking into solid wood flooring. Douglas fir dents easily and is yellowish in color. Cherry wood is a soft wood with a light brown colour, and it is not suitable for whole floors. However, it is a great accent or decorative wood. Finally, pine contains a lot of knots and swirls and is yellowish brown in color. It is as hard as red oak and is resistant to insects, which makes it a great choice for solid wood flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring and Types of Wood
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