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Floor sanding and floor varnishing are extremely important to maintain the natural look and beauty of your wooden floor. Even if floor sanding and varnishing may seem quite simple and you may doubt their effect, regular maintenance will restore the good condition of your valuable wooden floor.

Capital Flooring provides high quality and effective wood floor sanding services, as well as floor varnishing in London and the surrounding areas.

Here is a list of the floor sanding and varnishing services we provide to improve the look and condition of your solid hardwood floor:

  • We offer floor sanding for new and old wooden floors, as well as polishing and varnishing of high quality
  • We also provide floor staining to give your home a complete makeover
  • We are happy to offer a wide selection of stain samples that will allow you to restore the natural beauty of your wooden floor
  • Customers can choose from different floor finishes with four layers of top quality lacquer; water-based floor finishes are also offered
  • We guarantee dust-free floor sanding
  • We also offer sanding and varnishing for staircases

Floor sanding takes place in several stages:

  • Preparation of the floor boards
  • Sanding
  • Applying a protective sealant (coating)

We use specialized sanding machines such as drum and belt sanders. Edgers are used for stairs, corners, edges, and other areas that are hard to reach. The final staining is done by using a finishing machine.

Our sanders will remove any tacks and staples to protect the floorboards against damage. Sanding begins after the initial preparation. We use belt sanders and coarse-grit papers to make the surface flat and remove the old coatings. When the floor is sanded, oil, polyurethane, or another sealant is applied. We will use the right product for your home, interior design, type of wood, environment, and color.

Sanding may expose cracks, gaps, and worm eaten cores that ruin your floor’s appearance. We will do the necessary repairs to give your flooring a complete makeover. Our team specializes in all aspects of sanding for parquet, hardwood, softwood, and wooden floors. We will leave the floorboards as smooth and even as possible. Sanding leaves no smell or dust, with floors finished, sanded, and looking like the ones in glossy magazines.

Our sanders use professional dust-free systems. You can rest assured that they will not leave or create any mess in your premisses.

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