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Parquet flooring requires little maintenance and is long lasting.

If blocks are unstuck, they can be re-glued. Bitumen-glued blocks require the use of cold bitumen emulsion or hot bitumen because other types of glue do not adhere to bitumen. It is not difficult to maintain a wooden floor, new parquet flooringbut this depends on how well it is looked after. Walking on a wooden floor with high heels can damage it, especially if it is softwood. It is important to clean parquet flooring as well. Vacuum or sweep on a regular basis and use a damp mop only. Use brooms or brushes with exploded heads and fine bristle to clean the floor. It is best to use fairy liquid, and there is a selection of specialist products for lacquered and oil floors. Avoid harsh cleaning products because they can scratch the floor.

Direct sunlight and strong light cause a chemical reaction in wood, and it changes colour. This is known as weathering or aging. To protect your parquet flooring, you may want to use blinds or curtains and move rugs occasionally. Make sure you protect the floor if you have to move heavy objects. Slide the object on a rug along the floor.

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