Wood floor sanding is one of the most inexpensive ways to give your house a new look.

While it is a hard, dusty work, sanding the old floorboards of a room takes just a couple of days, including the varnishing. This can be your DIY project for the next weekend. Sanding sheets and discs will cost you about £2 each. Expect to pay around £70 if you choose to hire an edge sander and a floor sander.

wood floor sandingYou can sand original woodstrip floors and neglected parquet, but you should know that the timber is thinner compared to floorboards.

Wood floor sanding is noisy as you probably know. Give your neighbours some notice and work in the daytime only to keep them happy. Wood floor sanding is a dusty job as well. To prevent dust from taking over your house or flat, make sure you remove all furniture and use masking tape to seal around the doors. Open any exterior doors and windows.

When you start sanding, make sure you empty the dust collection bag or it may burst with the weight of dust. Once you have finished sanding, use flexible wood filler to fill large cracks.

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