Capital Flooring installs floors in very small areas, such as hallways, and large areas, such as gymnasiums, banks, office buildings, retail outlets, and others. We offer services for all types of wood floors as well as associated products.

So far, we have successfully completed floor installation projects in:

  • Residential units
  • Offices and stores
  • Gymnasiums and sports halls
  • School halls and churches
  • Supermarkets and boutiques

Floating Installation

Floating installation is an affordable and innovative floor installation method. It involves installation without having permanent fixtures between the floor and the sub-floor. This method is highly effective and allows for the use of an acoustic underlay. Acoustic underlays are beneficial in case you live in a shared residence.

We offer installation services for different flooring types, including:

  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Engineered hardwood
  • Solid hardwood
  • Factory finished flooring
  • Unfinished wood flooring
  • Etc.

Solid wood floors are available in parquet squares, wide planks, and narrow strips. Planks are usually installed in wide-open spaces and larger rooms such as conference rooms, restaurants and others. Strip flooring is also a good option for customers who are looking for traditional wood flooring. Parquet floors are either custom made or preassembled and come in different designs, including herringbone patterns, weaves, geometric shapes, and others.

We specialize in installation and fitting of different types of flooring, along with finishing works, leveling, and subfloor preparation. Finishing works include damp proofing, insulation fitting, door frames and doors trimming, beading insulation, and more. We offer the following services:

  • Laminate floor fitting
  • Sound proofing
  • Concrete subfloors leveling
  • Supply of parquet flooring
  • Parquet floor fitting
  • Trimming

We specialize in all aspects of fitting to ensure long lasting and proper installation for your wood floors. Our team uses dust-free technology for optimal dust control. Our carpenters use different installation methods, depending on the type of wood, size of planks, design, and other factors. If you are looking for a deck-like flooring, we will use the nailing-down method. Floating wood floor installation is used for laminate and engineered wood flooring whereby the boards fit together without nailing or gluing. It is also used when the floorboards are installed on subfloors and concrete and when deco and pattern floors and parquet are installed. Whatever the pattern, design or type of wood, we use high quality adhesives and materials.

Wood Floor Installation
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